Our Story

We, Martin 'Cahn' Cahnbley and Connal Finlay have been colleagues for a number of years - brought together by that wonderful fluid called wine.  Connal, ever the man with business or event ideas, approached Martin with a pop-up Wine Store concept in mid 2018. This evolved into what has become Cahn & Finlay Wines & Spirits.

Martin started in the wine trade in 1987; always in marketing and brand development roles.  His path has taken him from Gilbey's (Archer's, Malibu, The Singleton) in South Africa, to Penfolds/Southcorp (Seppelt, Lindemans, Hungerford Hill, Tulloch) in Australia to Corbans (Stoneleigh, Longridge, Corbans) and Winegrowers of Ara in New Zealand.  In 2003 he started Planet Wine which now imports and distributes over 550 products from 15 countries.

Connal is a relatively recent entrant to the wine trade but quickly made his mark when he became the youngest recipient of the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust: Diploma of Wine & Spirits at age 21.  He has managed a few wine stores and also started importing American wine via Off Broadway Beverages, his own importing company.  More recently, via Fermenting Productions, he conceptualised and ran The World of Wine Festival in 2018 and Ferment! Festival in 2019.

Martin and Connal are very excited about their character-filled premises in Central Auckland.  They look forward to meeting you in their new home at #10 O'Connell Street very soon to talk wine and spirits and hopefully be able to satisfy your beverage needs.