Vincent Couche

Vincent Couche is part of the upwelling of talent (and awakening to terroir) taking place in the extreme South of Champagne (a la Roses de Jeanne Ed.), and like a number of responsible growers, he farms biodynamically. Moreover, he has vineyards both in his base village of Buxeuil, and in distant Montgueux, a remote southern Champagne outpost with remarkable Chardonnay. Primary vinification is in a combination of tank and barrel, and Couche is one of increasingly many Champenoise (especially among the young), to believe that one should render a complete as well as complex still wine before bothering to ‘Champagnise’ it. I got my first, if incomplete, glimpse of his portfolio this year, and while one bottling was just a bit too tart and austere to more than mildly recommend, the other three wines I tasted demonstrate impressive talent.

Vincent Couche - 'Chloe' Champagne NV

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